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~ Peg Burnett Award-winning photographer, registered nurse, and ex-marine who has parachuted from planes shares memorable experiences of her worldwide travels with Volunteer Working Vacations (all tax-deductible).  She discusses Global Volunteers (humanitarian-based assignments) and Earthwatch (environmental or science expeditions) in detail.  Peg grew up in a country house where her mother covered the walls with maps of the world, which inspired her love of travel and adventure.

~ Laurel Leidner Writer, photographer, travel agent, and retired elementary school teacher who is  a firm believer that travel is beneficial to our health.  “Travel is healing for the body, mind & soul”, Laurel insists, adding “There’s something about stepping into a new culture that renews our reverence for our magnificent earth. My mother had an atlas in every room and inspired my love for adventure!”  laurel@connectiontocruise.com

~ Dave Maupin– Certified financial planner, community service volunteer, and “Man of the Year” who earned life-time bragging rights for climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro at age 70.  Dave describes his one-year training regimen to prepare for the climb physically, the mental mindset he needed to stay focused, and the exhileration of reaching the summit.  Hear Dave’s favorite philosophy about honoring faith, family, and friends.  david.maupin@lpl.com


Gregory Adamson A southern California performance-artist entertainer who paints a canvas upside down to music, then astonishes people by turning the canvas right side up when he has completed it.  Greg often uses his special talents to raise money for worthy charities by entertaining his audiences as he paints a picture, which is then open to the highest bidder.   gregoryadamson.com

~ Gene Sasse Award-winning master photographer, artistic visionary, author of six books, and founder/art curator of the Inland Empire Museum of Art (IEMA), Upland, CA.  Gene discusses some of the steps involved in starting an art museum and describes the many donations of art (more than 150 pieces) which have been received.  Until the museum is officially open to the public, the artistic collection may be viewed in an online exhibit at ieart.org.   gene@genesasse.com


~ Mary de la Pena (aka M.J. Hatch) (First interview)- Criminal Defense Attorney who practices law with husband Federico and has authored five fiction and nonfiction books, including A Layman’s Guide to Criminal Defense, written to help others understand their legal rights;  Mary has often had to defend clients who–while under duress–confessed to crimes which they did not commit.  “Practicing law is my vocation, writing is my passion.”    marydelapena.com

~ Mary de la Pena (aka M.J. Hatch), (Second interview 8 mos. later )- Criminal Defense Attorney by day and mystery novelist by night, who discusses her latest release, Murder Most Judgmental—a Detective Jake Swanson Murder, set in Newport Beach, Ca. amidst drug and international arms dealers and miscreants of all stripes.  M.J. explains that her motivation to write about the darker side of humanity is the result of 25 years as a trial lawyer who has visited numerous jails, prisons, and courtrooms.  M.J. was over sixty when she published her first book.        mjhatch.com

~ Laura Doyle – New York Times best-selling author of The Surrendered Wife, The Surrendered Single and the free e-book, Six Lessons for Lasting Love. Laura teaches women intimacy skills as an alternative to marriage counseling, and has been interviewed about her approach on CBS Evening News, Date NBC, The Today Show & The View.   lauradoyle.org

~ Erika Fernbach – Speaker and Author of How to Age Well, Like a Good French Brie, based on interviews of more than 100 people in later life. Erika is a former elementary school teacher and world traveler who has also written four inspirational biographies for preteens as part of a series called “Biographies that Inspire”.   erikafernbach.com and agewithoutborders.com

~ Dr. Margaret Hill San Bernardino city school board member, college professor, retired school administrator, and author of It’s All About the Children.  Dr. Hill has improved student achievement, reduced the dropout rate, and insists that it is the love—the human connection—which we show toward young people which ultimately makes the difference between their passing or failing.      dr.MargaretHill.com

~ Chita Johnson Social etiquette expert, southern debutante, speaker, teacher, fashion model, and author of Mother’s Manners, who asks for the help of parents and grandparents in promoting politeness, manners and social graces—including cell phone etiquette–in our young people.  Chita offers social etiquette classes because she believes that social graces are an asset at any age.   (909) 550-9955

~ Chris Kennedy -Amazon’s best-selling science fiction/fantasy author and speaker, discusses his seventh book, Self-Publishing for Profit, about “how to get your book out of your head and onto the shelves”. Chris has coached hundreds of beginning authors and budding novelists about how to self-publish their stories.   chriskennedypublishing.com

~ Bruce McAllister Retired english professor, screenplay consultant, book coach, science-fiction writer, and the award-winning author of The Village Sang for the Sea: A Memoir of Magic as well as  the  prize-winning book, Dream Baby.  Bruce discusses the odyssey of his life, his perception of magic,  and explores the motivation behind fantasy writing.  Having written The Village Sang to the Sea in retirement, Bruce encourages others to begin writing, no matter  what their age.                  www.mcallistercoaching.com

~Reba Merrill  International speaker, author, Emmy-winning television producer/host, celebrity journalist, and author  of Nearly Famous Secrets, Lies and Addiction, who shares details about her own addiction and double-life.   Reba reveals some of her secrets for overcoming setbacks and how to triumph over the numerous personal and professional challenges which we all face in life.       rebamerrill.com 

~ Timothy Floyd Miller – First-time novelist nearing retirement who talks about how it’s never too late to fulfill a dream which may have been on the back burner for years and how he came to write The Blood of the Shroud, a racy mystery thriller and work of fiction based on real events.  Timothy talks about how he maintained the long arduous process of writing and finding a publisher–all while running a full-time landscaping business!   timothyfloydmiller.com

~ Catherine Owens, Speaker, senior living consultant, and author of Be Your Own Hero:  Senior Living Decisions Simplified,  discusses the important factors which seniors should consider before deciding on senior living options.  Catherine explains what she feels is the biggest misconception about  senior living communities today.   catherinelowens.com

~ Wayne Scott, Award-winning playwright, theatrical director/producer, and composer of more than thirty original musicals and productions.  Recipient of the “Hero of the Arts” award from Redlands Community Music Association.  Wayne is also the founding president of LifeHouse Theatre Productions, known for its wholesome entertainment, which is celebrating its 22nd year in Redlands, CA.  lifehousetheatreproductions.com          (909) 335-3035


~ Pat Glavin Mental fitness expert and founder of Brain Body Challenge, a scientifically-based program which she created and which she teaches at senior centers and retirement homes throughout Orange County, CA.  Pat enthusiastically discusses mind-body health, wellness, and fun-filled ways to rejuvenate the brain.                  brainchallenge.com or (714) 315-4670

~ Bruce McCombs Former business and career coach, accomplished ballroom dancer, and member of the board of USA Dance  discusses interesting research to support the theory that ballroom dancing helps ward off Alzheimers Disease.  Bruce has formed the charity DanCE,  an acronym which stands for dance for cognitive enhancement in order to raise funds for research designed to protect against Alzheimers Disease and related disorders.  dancealz.com 

~ Bill Roozeboom, Ph.D. – A professor and pastoral counselor with a specialty in anti-aging techniques and neural plasticity of the brain discusses the many ways to improve brain function–regardless of age.  Bill discusses why we should all be “practicing wellness”–and what he means by that—how laughter helps us produce our own Xanex, plus tips for improving overall cognition.      (909) 957-0826


~ Michele MicianManager of the Palm Springs, CA Office of Sustainability which encourages eco-friendly living.  Michele discusses the important role which water and energy conservation play in preserving our resources for future generations, and provides us with many tips about the value of composting, using energy-efficient appliances and low-flow toilets,  and eating lower on the food chain.      Michele.mician@palmspringsca.gov

~ Cathryn Oltman A registered nurse, shares how she’s finding new purpose through master gardening—an interest she did not discover until retirement.  Cathryn points out that the Master Gardener program is open to anyone who wishes to gain knowledge in gardening, composting, soils, plant pathology, sustainable landscapes, and then serve the community—schools included–through volunteer efforts.           mastergardening.com


~Raphael Tulino –  (Interview #1) Internal Revenue Service Spokesman (First Interview), who discusses easy-to-understand ways to avoid falling prey to fraudulent scammers—people posing as IRS agents!   (800) 366-4484

~ Raphael Tulino – (Interview #2) , Media & Public Information Officer for the IRS, who explains the ten Taxpayers Bill of Rights, plus how taxpayers will be affected by the Affordable Care Act.  (800) 366-4484

HEALTHY LIVING (Nutrition, Exercise, Spirituality):

~ Chef Lee Burton Culinary columnist, food consultant, and celebrity chef who caters charitable events, reminds us that cooking should be fun—even when it’s just for one.  Chef Lee has been recognized for helping youth and seniors learn to cook, eat healthy, and become nutrition savvy.   chef lee burton on Facebook or chefleeburton.blogspot.com

~ Father David Caffrey Episcopal Priest, who discusses the role of spirituality in later life, explores the difference between being spiritual versus being religious, and talks about whether we’re better off health-wise when we stay connected to a faith-based church or temple.   desertfather@earthlink.net

~ Syd Hoffman –  Health and wellness expert, motivational speaker, founder of a school that began with twenty-seven students which grew to more than 500, and author of All-day Energy—100 Ways to Boost Your Energy Now!  Hear why Syd recommends that we change our habits every ten days, how to avoid an “energy crash” following lunch, and her favorite tips for re-fueling our motor when we run low on pep.   sydhoffman.com         

~ Ryan Peake   (Interview #1) Health and fitness trainer, coach, and former cancer patient who was once hospitalized for nine months and who now trains cancer survivors at his studio free of charge.  When Ryan left the hospital nine months later in good health, he quit his job working for the railroad to become a personal trainer.   Ryan is the founder of “Live Life” nonprofit.            studioredlands.com or (714) 623-0639

~ Ryan Peake – (Interview #2) Health & Fitness Coach who, at one time had Stage IV cancer and was not expected to live, who now trains other cancer survivors at no charge to them. Ryan also partners with doctors to help get their patients on the road to recovery. He organizes athletic training for youth, volunteering to help boys and girls set goals for their life and practice healthy nutrition. Owner of Peake Fitness Center, Redlands, CA.   peakefit.com


~ Claudia Cooley Inspirational speaker, author, internet radio talk show host, and mind-shift coach who discusses the need to focus on confident living.  As a Success Mentor whose greatest mission is to inspire others to live their most empowered life, Claudia offers helpful tips about ways to  offset loneliness and discover a “new niche” in later life.  www.claudiacooley.com

~ Dr. Michael Duckett – Internationally-acclaimed Speaker, Author, & Executive Coach on attracting success, happiness, loving relationships, and wealth. Dr. Duckett has helped millions of people achieve their goals, and shares his secrets for overcoming fear and finding love. He teaches men and women not to give up on their goals and dreams, but to keep believing in themselves.   fastcoachtraining.com

~ Myrna Lou Goldbaum Master palmist, author, speaker, and coach who has appeared on radio and television, and who has provided fun, laughter, hope, and encouragement while reading more than 53,000 palms for over sixty years.  Myrna Lou was the former television producer/host of “Soul Mate Connections” and authored a book by the same title, as well as May I See Your Hand?   myrnaloupalmistry.com

~ Martha Green – Cooking guru, author, philanthropist, realtor, Woman of the Year, and auctioneer-extraordinaire who has raised more than $2 million for charities which benefit youth and adults.  Owner of “Douth’Lectibles and The Eating Room Restaurant & Bakery in downtown Redlands, CA.  Famous for her high-spirited cooking classes on radio, TV, and before live audiences of a thousand people.   allmarthagreen.com

~ Debra Jackson – Professional grant writer/teacher who currently helps meet the needs of poor people.  As Debra approaches retirement, she is preparing herself for new purpose by planning to become a storyteller. “It is through the time-honored art of storytelling that we build relationships, grow communities, and share our core values with generations to follow,” Debra enthusiastically insists.    (909) 844-6273


~ Kathleen Albrektson Elder Law Attorney and contributing author to The Complete Resource Guide for Baby Boomers: Everything You Need to Know about Caring for your Parent .  Kathleen provides easy-to-understand answers—not only about wills, trusts, and avoiding probate—but advance healthcare directives and durable power of attorney, as well.  She also offers helpful tips for estate planning and preparing for long term care.    www.albrektson-law.com

~ Judge Patrick Morris Former judge and mayor of San Bernardino, CA who is credited with founding the first mental health court, bringing the first Drug Court to CA, steering the blighted (and crime-ridden) city of San Bernardino through a severe economic downturn, and improving air and ground transportation.  Judge Morris shares some of his personal philosophy about helping to instill faith in others so that they believe in their ability to succeed.    www.judgepatrickmorris.com

~ W.A. Hlavaty, Licensed professional fiduciary, who explains how he is the one whom people trust to care for their parents, grandparents, their children–even themselves. Through conservatorships, he sees to the needs of the elderly and disabled when there is no one else available to oversee or supervise their personal care.      WAHlavaty@profidservices.com


~ Gail Mahaney Seventy one year-old grandmother who returned to college to chase her dream of finally earning her degree.  Gail insists that lifelong learning keeps us young at heart and helps us stay in step with the changing world.  She also shares valuable information about the numerous scholarships which are available to older students who may be retired and living on a fixed income.  Very inspirational message!

~ Dr. Ted Parsons Retired Berkeley professor, former board member of  The Redlands Symphony Association, church organist, past president of the 120-year-old Spinet Club, who now helps to support library services.  Dr. Parson’s  newspaper column, “Professor Parsons’ Picks”,  lists the titles of collectible books which are sold to the highest bidders at silent auctions, held regularly at A. K. Smiley Library, Redlands, CA, as library fundraisers.

~ Trudy Waldron  Coordinator of  the volunteer tutors for The Adult Literacy Program, which provides tutoring in reading and writing at no cost to adults.  Trudy discusses the 30 million illiterate adults throughout the U.S. who have never been able to read a valentine, a birthday card, or the label on a cardboard box which might qualify them for a better job and higher pay.  (909) 798-7565, Ext. 4138


~ Dr Christopher Blanton – LASIK Surgeon at Inland Eye Institute who has performed more than 30,000 refractive procedures and trained hundreds of doctors in laser vision correction. Dr. Blanton explains how he reshapes the cornea to improve vision, discusses recovery from surgery, and describes the types of vision problems which benefit the most from LASIK.  inlandeyeinstitute.com

~ Dr. Andrew Florea Facial Rejuvenation Plastic Surgeon explains how plastic surgery was once reserved for the rich and famous, but how, in today’s society, men and women from all walks of life are now seeking cosmetic surgery to raise self-esteem.  Dr. Florea explains the difference between reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and discusses some of the most popular procedures requested by his patients.   dr.florea.com

~ Dr. Bill JaneshakA Yorba Linda, CA chiropractor explains how–after living with epilepsy until age twenty–he was healed of this disorder through chiropractic medicine.  Bill specializes in difficult cases related to functional neurology, functional medicine, and stress relieving techniques, and has become a popular speaker on health and wellness for numerous large corporations who are seeking to lower worker’s compensation claims.   dr.billjaneshak.com

~ Mike Sheriff  Retired attorney who practiced law with Exxon and served as General Counsel of World Vision International, who then returned to college in order to study gerontology.  Mike has served as a community service volunteer with seniors ever since, and discusses the many ways in which he has derived gratification from his current role as a Hospice volunteer.


~ Josiah Bruny – Founder and CEO of the “Music Changing Lives” nonprofit after-school program which he created for underprivileged and at-risk youth to improve their chances of achieving a positive and successful future.  He provides examples of boys and girls whom he’s mentored whose lives have been transformed into happy, productive, purposeful ones because of this program.         musicchanginglives.org

~ Darnell Fall – A Vietnam war veteran who was recently recognized for founding a local branch of  the “Guitars for Vets” non-profit to help military servicemen and women with their transition from military to civilian life.  Darnell discusses the healing power of music in the hands of many heroes, and points out that there may be as many as 400,000 service members who are living with “invisible wounds of war”, particularly post-traumatic stress disorder.     G4V.LLVAMC@gmail.com

~ Al Hicks Incoming CA/Nevada District President of The National Exchange Club, who talks about this national network of  700 service clubs which have adopted such projects as the prevention of child abuse, the promotion of Americanism, plus student leadership training.   (949) 280-6249

~ Penny Lambright founder of “Patriots & Paws”, a nonprofit organization which helps returning military veterans who are in need of home furnishings or the love and companionship of a shelter pet to help combat loneliness as they readjust to life in American society.   Though veterans may receive HUD assistance, they may nevertheless lack the money for furniture–even a refrigerator.  Penny  welcomes needed donations of household furnishings and will pick up.        patriotsandpaws.org  or (724) 323-7229

~ Heidi Mayer – Founder and executive director of Youth Hope Foundation which serves at-risk, homeless and underprivileged youth between ages 13 – 24 throughout the Inland Empire of southern CA.  Heidi describes the many homeless teens whom they have helped who would otherwise be without food, shelter, friendship, medical care, or an education, plus the many ways in which men and women may volunteer to help these youth become healthy self-sufficient adults.   www.youthhope.org

~ Joseph Mena – CEO and Co-founder (along with wife Aida) of bikes4vets, a nonprofit organization which gathers and repairs bicycles then donates them free of charge to veterans—many of whom are homeless–who need transportation. Joseph is also founder of the food4heroes program. Joseph believes, “One veteran in need is one too many.”

~ Angie Sheer Founder and President of three Equus Medendi Equine Therapy (healing through horses) programs, where the horses provide short-term alternative mental health therapy for children and adults with trauma, addictions , and behavioral issues–including war veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress.  Angie loves to add, “All of our therapists live in barns…”   equusmedendi.com

~ Tim Smith Vice-president of drug & alcohol recovery programs within southern CA who–among other things—also oversees six criminal adult Drug Courts, four DUI programs, workforce development, plus two recovery centers.  Tim explains how Drug Court changes lives and discusses reasons behind Drug Court’s high success rate with clients who participate in this twelve to eighteen-month outpatient program.   tsmith@mhsinc.org

~ Pat Williams Founder and CEO of Angels Closet Charities, who—with the help of volunteers–collects and discretly distributes new and gently-used school clothes, prom gowns, tuxedos, street wear, socks and underwear, plus graduation caps & gowns for junior and senior high school students who are in need.   angels-closet.org


~ Kathy Bee, – Singer, songwriter, Hollywood entertainer, TV producer/host, author, and sponsor of the annual “Touching Lives” awards which honors exceptional men and women whose outstanding achievements have benefited other.  Kathy enthusiastically discusses the inspirational messages in her books Life Full of Purpose, Be Blessed, Be a Blessing, Loss of a Spouse or Partner, and Footprints.  kathybee.com

~ Tonia Bern-Campbell Internationally-acclaimed singer, actress, and author who has performed at Carnegie Hall, The Savoy in London, Monte Carlo, and Las Vegas shares reminiscences of such greats as Edith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier.  Tonia also recalls her gay and happy life with husband Donald Campbell, “The Speed Ace”, who set speed records on water and land before fatally crashing.  Tonia details these recollections in her paperback titled Donald Campbell, Life with a Hero.   toniabern-campbell.com

~Mel Chadwick Award-winning community theatre actor, director, and artist-illustrator who discusses the many factors which every director must consider when casting a play–such as age, height, and potential chemistry between cast members.  Mel shares his favorite tips for powerful acting and offers advice to men and women who would secretly love to audition for a role on stage in later life.                melchadwick.com

Fabie Combs – Ms. Senior Orange County (2013), singer, actress, racquet ball champion, and award-winning volunteer with the American Cancer Society, Registrar of Voters, and hospital auxiliary.  Fabie recalls the memory of how proud and patriotic she felt when she was chosen from more than 200,000 entrants to carry the Olympic Torch in 2002.  Both she and her husband have traveled to six of the seven continents.   mssrcalifornia.com

~ Dan Damon Playwright, producer, director, keyboard artist, vocalist, and musical entertainer who provides danceable music at senior dances throughout Southern CA.  Dan discusses music as a common denominator among people—a universal language– adding, “I am thankful for being able to do what I love, which is to inspire people’s emotions through music!” dandamonmusicproductions.com

~ Joe Giamalva Acclaimed tap dancer, choreographer, and former Broadway performer who has  left his “footprints” all over the globe.  In addition to staging the opening dance number for the California Rose Parade, Joe continues to perform onstage in southern CA and teaches dance classes in Malibu and Woodland Hills, CA.  “Drop-ins” are always welcome,” says Joe with a smile.  jagcoproductions.com

~ Jackie Goldberg – (aka “The Pink Lady”), Hollywood producer of Senior Star Power Productions, recipient of the “Hero of Hollywood” award from the mayor of LA, teacher, writer, actor, and toastmaster.  Jackie shares information about what motivated her to begin presenting her popular “Get up, Get out, & Get a life” inspirational message series.    www.pinklady7.com (818) 606-6679

~ Eric Gruenler Former pilot, engineer, retired professor of engineering, ballroom dancer, and past president of Redlands Community Music Association who now enjoys life as a community theatre actor and singer in his retirement.  Eric discusses the many benefits of community theatre involvement, including the camaraderie and social activities which are offered him.  ericgruenler.com

~ Stan Livingston Actor, director, producer, and editor, who is fondly remembered for his TV role as Chip in “My Three Sons”.  He is founder of “The Actor’s Journey” Program which he created in order to help actors understand the answers behind their frequent complaints, “I’m a good actor, so how come I can’t get a job?”     stanleylivingston.com

~ Gloria Loring –  Singer, songwriter, actress, and inspirational speaker, remembered for her role as Liz Chandler on NBC’s “Days of our Lives”, and author of Coincidence is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous.  Having written six books to benefit people with Diabetes, Gloria is a spokesman for the National Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, for whom she has raised more than one million dollars.       glorialoring.com

~ Thomas Mann Musician, professional film & television actor, and nationally licensed soccer coach whose joie de vivre is contagious.  After studying Plato, DeMille, Kant, Hume, poetry, art, and architecture, Thomas sums up his favorite philosophy of life,  “If you live right, things go right.  And love isn’t staying together when things are going good; love is working together when it looks like there is no way out.”   tlmann@gte.net

~ Myrna Motzer Ms. Senior Orange County 2011, singer, model, actress, and professional make-up artist who has been competing in pageants ever since the age of five. “Age is not a time of life, but a mindset.  It’s our mindset and what we do with it that’s important!”  Myrna enthusiastically discusses her upbeat philosophy of life, as well as her classy “We’ve Got You Covered!” garment bags which she designed for performers to use when transporting special wardrobe to wear on stage or on camera.   myrnamotzer.com

~ Barry WallaceAward-winning community theatre actor & director, former tour guide at Universal Studios in Hollywood, and leader of The Actors Workshop  where people of ages can learn acting skills.  Barry reviews some of his favorite tips for powerful acting and insists that it’s never too late to get started.            www.studio8790.com

~ Pam Wheeler  Winner of the Ms. Senior California title (2010) who competed for the national crown and sash in Atlantic City, N.J.  Pam then became the CA State Pageant Director and CEO of the Ms. Senior California of America.  Hear Pam describe some of the life-changing effects which pageant participation has had on her and other contestants. She is also an accomplished professional singer who performs with “Classic Touch” and “Gary Bonner Singers”.  pamwheeler.com


~ Joe Holland, Ph.D. – Pilot, engineer, scientist, & airplane designer who provides helpful tips about how we can best protect ourselves if the pilot of the commercial aircraft we’re flying in suddenly announces that he must prepare for an emergency landing.  Joe says it’s not true that everyone must die in a plane crash, provided we know what to do to survive.   jholland55386@gmail.com

~ Stan McCauley “Redlands, CA Police Officer of the Year”,  marshall arts expert, and street-smart self-defense expert & instructor shares self-defense tactics to help us protect ourselves in dangerous situations.  Stan discusses why people over fifty make prime targets for crooks or attackers, explains the difference between the primary and the secondary crime scenes, and what crooks are always on the lookout for.


~ Art Astor – President, CEO, and owner of Astor Broadcast Group, broadcasting country music  throughout southern California on KIK AM 1510 in the inland Empire and KOW AM 1450 in North San Diego.  Art is an entrepreneur and  renowned collector of restored antique cars, which he houses in his museum, along with vintage radios, antique slot machines, and movie memorabilia.                          KIK1510.com &  KOW1450.com

~ Gloria Macias HarrisonPast president of Crafton Hills Community College, co-founder of El Chicano newspaper, newspaper columnist, and political activist who was appointed to the CA Commission on the Status of Women by the governor of California.  Gloria discusses her concerns over voter apathy and the need to drive others to the polls to vote if that’s what it takes to instill the importance of voting.   gloharrison@me.com  

~ Hank Mercado, D.D.S. Inducted into Athletic Hall of Fame (Redlands, CA), former president of Redlands Unified School Board, and co-founder of “The Nathan Project”, which provides annual dental care to handicapped children who require treatment under general anesthesia in Nicaragua.   lluschoolofdentistrythenathanproject

~Jane RobertsNominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (2005) for her efforts to make a difference in the reproductive health and lives of women and girls in Kenya.  As a human rights activist and advocate for Global Gender Equality, she cofounded “34 Million Friends of the United nations Population Fund” (UNFPA), and is author of the book, 34 Million Friends of the Women of the World.   www.34millionfriends.org

~ Bob Scales – Retired theatre arts professor at University of Southern California and international theatre consultant with a specialty in sound, tech, and lighting design who discusses his consulting assistance at venues such as:  The Walt Disney Concert  Hall, The Ahmanson Theatre,  Minnesota Opera Company,  Stratford Festival 3rd Stage, Palm Desert, California, City Amphitheatre, etc.  Bob talks about his newest volunteer endeavord, which is teaching third-graders about theatre arts appreciation and assisting them with guided tours of local theatre venues.   rscales@gmail.com

~ Donna West President of Redlands (CA) Unified School Board, founder of the Educational Partnership Foundation, former Redlands Symphony board member, and mother of ten who has been widely recognized as a community service leader & volunteer.  Donna insists, “School board responsibilities and serving as a trustee is a natural fit for me because my passions are education and children.” (909) 307-5312


Cathy Bates “Queen of Clean” and founder of “Practical Solutions”, an organization which goes onsite to help people de-clutter their homes, offices, or businesses—especially if they’re moving or down-sizing (as many seniors are).  Kathy discusses why it is important for us to simplify our lives by staying organized.  She also sheds light on why people become hoarders and what can be done about it.   psorganizing.com

~ Renee Norman Known as “The Geek Goddess”, Renee is a computer-tutor who helps men and women over sixty learn to become computer savvy.  Renee shares enjoyable stories about people whom she’s helped purchase a computer, create a Facebook profile, use graphic art tools, organize photos and files, forward pictures from a telephone, or scan for viruses.   theGeekG.com or (909) 280-1940

~ Amanda Secola – Editor-in-chief of Not Born Yesterday, a senior newspaper which circulates throughout southern California, describes her coverage of social security and Medicare updates, as well as travel, medical, and legal tips for men and women over 60 (to which I, Jan Fowler, am a contributing monthly columnist of “Senior Moments).  Amanda declares that with 43 million people 65 and older in the U.S.–plus 76 million baby boomers coming up right behind us—we are entitled to our own newspaper.    www.nbynews.com

~ William Schifferli Former hospital administrator and award-winning director of skilled nursing facilities, William—who is currently an administrator in the mobile senior healthcare industry–describes telemedicine, doctors-on-demand, and discusses how sick people, especially seniors, can now receive medical attention in their homes without having to sit for hours at the hospital ER.  House calls are making a comeback!  pahousecalls.com

~ Janelle Winters – Owner of “Someone Cares”, a personalized financial in-home support service for seniors. Janelle meets clients in their homes or at senior centers to assist them with check-writing, bank-balancing, etc. which they no longer enjoy performing for themselves. (In some instances, adults may have arthritis which makes writing difficult or have lost a spouse who once handled all of their  finances.)   someonecares@email.com (909) 556-4145